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Are you looking to push your business forward? but, you don’t have the time, you don’t have the resources or you just don’t have any idea what to do next?

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Have you thought about hiring a marketing consultant?

How about a Mixed Marketing Advisor?

Have you thought about hiring a marketing consultant? My name is Rob and I am a Mixed Marketing Advisor based in Kent and I am the owner of Creative Outlaw Media. As a Mixed Marketing Advisor, I offer a range of mixed marketing methods and apply techniques and tactics to give your business a fighting chance. 

So, if you are looking to shake things up, make a name for yourself, put your product on the map or if you are looking for creativity and just the right amount of anarchy to help you gain notoriety; then give me a bell.


A series of cogs that represent the process of marketing

The Creative Outlaw Way

This process is broken down into 4 different phases which we work through together in order to achieve the desired outcomes for your business.

Phase 1 – Develop a Plan 
In phase 1 we take a look at your aims and objectives for your business

  • What do you want to achieve as a business?
  • Long term and short term goals
  • What content will work for you?

Phase 2 – Learning the Ropes 
This is where I get to really know you and your business

  • Who you are and what your business does
  • Who are your customers and what motivates them?
  • What journey do your customers go on when interacting with your business?
  • Who are your competitors?

Phase 3 – Putting in the Work 
Once I have a good understanding of the previous phases, it’s time to start creating content and collateral. This is the type of content based on your marketing strategy to start engaging with the customers that have been identified.

  • Campaigns 
  • Blogs
  • Video
  • Imagery 
  • Guides 
  • Branding
  • Digital Campaigns 

Phase 4 – Assess and Evaluate
After putting the work in, it’s time to assess and evaluate. 

  • Review and check all data
  • Make adjustments to all ongoing campaigns 
  • Use the data to create a more direct, engaging campaign   

Mixed Marketing Methods

Under the name of  Creative Outlaw Media I will use the different mixed marketing methods, and apply them to the areas of your business that need it the most! Below are the Mixed Marketing Methods. 

Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Video Production, SEO, Idea Generation, Audience Profiling, Business Analysis, Strategies and Campaigns.

Business Bulking

As a business owner we know your head is focused on the day to day running of your company and sometimes their might a few little things that slip you by or areas you want to find to help strengthen your business but you don’t have the time.
At Creative Outlaw Media, we assess your business to find areas of improvements then find way to bulk it up.

Video Production

Video is one of the most popular and  powerful forms of communicating your message. Creative Outlaw Media can create a bespoke video for any stage of your customers journey that will speak to them on every level. To find out what our Creative Outlaws can produce for you, click the link to find out more:

Social Media Marketing

Nearly everyone has a social media account, it is one of the best ways to share your story to your audience, it also increases your chance of the right people seeing what you have to offer. Creative Outlaw Media can build you a strategy, access your account or just get you up and running.

Audience Profiling

We use our best detective skills to produce audience profiling that fully understands your target audience. Creative Outlaw Media plays detective when we work on audience profiling; which brands and people influence them? Which social platforms might they be on? Which type of content do they engage with? What types of campaigns would work on them? We also perform competitor reconnaissance. This is where we find out what your competition is up too! Just like a real detective.

Content Creation

You may have heard that content is king, well, if that is the case then quality is queen and we have both. Content marketing is the cornerstone to any SEO strategy, not only having online factual content but also an up to date highly viewed blog. We can create catchy copy writing for your site or for your marketing campaign.

Creative Concepts

Good ideas are hard to come by and great ones can feel impossible. Well luckily for you our Outlaws are full of it, creativity that is. If you are stuck or short on inspiration we can bring you fresh ideas to help bring your business to life or to really make you stand out online.

Marketing Strategies

What’s your game plan? Having a strategy to help you achieve your goals and grow your business. Not sure where to start or trying to crack into a new audience? Well Creative Outlaw Media can plan, create and execute the perfect strategy to help you achieve your business goals.


SEO is no longer seen as a dark art, it is a mechanical process to help your website to perform better. This is why we now have SEO Mechanics at Creative Outlaw Media. 
Our SEO Mechanics tinker under the hood of your website to really super charge your search engine results. 


Here are just some of our Creative Outlaw projects that we have completed for our clients

An About Video For

Medusa Tattoo

Medusa Tattoo in Canterbury wanted an about video to show off their amazing shop, so they reached out to Creative Outlaw Media. 

The Creative Outlaw filmed, directed and produced a video for the shop, the video captures the atmosphere of the shop. This helps as it was filmed observing the action rather than being disruptive. 

Once the video was complete, we consulted on how best leverage the video on Social Media.

An About Video For

St Christopher Primary School

St Christopher Primary School is a private school based in Canterbury. The school wanted a different way to attract potential new additions to the school, to entice and inform parents about the many different facilities the school had to offer.

Filming was straight forward and was a joy to film in this lovely little school, as you can see the school has a lot to offer.   

Are you ready to be amazed?

Zombie Monkey Tattoo

Zombie Monkey Tattoo in Folkestone wanted a video to help advertise their shop and show off all the excellent work they produce. 

So they enlisted the help of Creative Outlaw Media to create a video to highlight all of their key selling points.

Watch the whole video here


  • I love the video that Creative Outlaw Media has Produced for the shop and they helped me run a successful social media campaigns with it. – Creative Outlaw Media made it so easy and stress free to make a video.

    Owner of Medusa Tattoo
  • Creative Outlaw Media have been incredible. They were experienced, efficient and extremely helpful.
    The customer service we received was amazing, they also went above and beyond by giving us tips on how to attract more customers.
    They more than tripled our followers on social media, their experienced photographers took incredible photos of our products and this has also helped to attract extra customers.
    We couldn’t praise them highly enough.

    Louisa Gibbs
    Publican, The Flying Horse Inn
  • Rob impressed us with writing the script and taking the stress out of creating the bones of the script, to give us a starting ground to build our ideas around. When filming day came around he was friendly to everyone in the office and was happy to travel to different locations to film. Throughout the process he has been approachable and easy to chat with at all hours, putting us at ease when we didn’t understand technical terms, so thank you for your help on the project and for delivering a finished product that we are happy with (and for putting up with our extremely fussy editing!). The finished video was sent over within suitable timescales and we have been able to display our product for it’s intended audience to see, in the timescales that we desired.

    Louise Plummer
    Marketing Manager - TDM Recruitment
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Rob for several years.

    Across the course of this time he has been consistent in delivering a great product and we have forged an excellent working relationship.

    Rob strives to understand your business as well as the campaign objectives and overarching business goals.

    We’ve regularly brainstormed together, tabling ideas for larger initiatives and projects and I always come away with new and innovative strategies.

    Creative Outlaw offer a great solution for many of our marketing needs.

    Keep up the good work Rob – you really are a pleasure to work with!

    Claire Shearwood-Burton
    Head of Marketing for North Kent College
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