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5 Tips To Improve Your Marketing Efforts?

As a small business owner does this sound familiar to you?

Aside from running your small business and making sure your product or service is top notch, you are having to please all of your customers and ensuring they are happy too. You are also dealing with invoices, chasing up suppliers and to add to that you have to start marketing in order to gain new business.

So what does marketing mean? Well, it’s making sure your website is SEO friendly and identifying relevant keywords to use in your website content, but not so much as it will piss Google off! It is maintaining and constantly uploading to 6 different social media platforms at least 5 times a week. These posts have to be witty, educational and entertaining.

Don’t forget your blog; this has to be original, engaging and informative. This blog has to be updated to your site on a regular basis. Oh, and you have to film all of this because you need video footage for your vlog as video marketing is THE thing to be doing!

This is all just the tip of the iceberg no wonder a lot of businesses either out source it or sack it off completely. Marketing may seem like a ball ache but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a 5 tips to make your life a little easier;

#1 Take a day off

Take a day off from what you’re doing in your day job. Have a day of planning or maybe even 2. Create a calendar and plan out the content you want to put out. Identify any key dates or major holidays that you could build content around. Have a brainstorming session and come up with blog titles, think about campaigns or competitions. The more work you put in early on the easier it will be.   

#2 Stockpile Your Content

Stocking up on social posts and blogs will give you breathing space. Just like gathering nuts for winter, you have them ready to go for when you need them. So if you write 10 blogs that’s 10 weeks of content, so that’s 10 weeks of not having to worry about writing a blog and posting it. This will give you space to do other things and focus your attention elsewhere.

#3 Schedule Social

Uploading a post to social media, making sure its the right length, putting in the right hashtags, uploading the images, it all takes time out of your day. So one way to claw some time back is to schedule your posts using tools like Hootsuite and Buffer; which, FYI, put out really good content about social media. The idea of these tools is to put out your social post for you at anytime without you actually having to upload them yourself to social media.

#4 Do Your Research

See what your competition is up too. See what they are talking about. Who is following them? Who are they following? What’s the type of content they are putting out? How is it performing? and who is engaging with them? Now this doesn’t give you an excuse to be lazy and just try to imitate them but it will give you inspiration to forge your own voice and to do it better than them.

 #5 Analyse This and Analyse That

Using Google analytics and social analytics will give you a good idea of what works and doesn’t work with your marketing effect. It will give you an idea of who is visiting your website and who is reading and engaging with your content. This will work towards strengthening and streamlining your marketing effort, so learn that shit.

Try these little pointers out to see if you can get to grips with your marketing but if you are still struggling you know the Outlaw you need to get hold of!

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