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The Creative Outlaw started his journey training to be a predator, someone who can film, edit, produce, direct and create concepts.

The Creative Outlaw was a child of the 80’s raised in 90’s and headed out in the 00’s.

Heavily influenced by popular culture, he grew up watching films, Saturday morning television, listening to his parents choice of 80’s rock bands and play his NES.

All of this fed into his subconscious, growing his creativity and imagination, he dreamed of one day making his own film and TV shows, a way to bring his ideas to life.

He studied Media Studies to grow his skills and knowledge, this lead him to study TV, Technology and Production at Birmingham City University, it is where he really learnt the fundamentals of film making.

After graduation the recession hit hard, work was hard to find, he eventually found work as a runner working on film and TV sets. He worked long hours for little to no pay, he slowly worked his way up to Location Manager for a number of small productions and he quickly realised that if you didn’t have financial backing or were from a privileged background, he was never going to make it in that industry. Frustrated and dismayed, he decided to get a normal 9-5 but without any relevant experience work was hard to find. He found himself unemployed and seeking help from the Jobcentre, which was next to useless in finding a real job.

So, for many years he worked a number of jobs in warehouses, retail and manual labour just to pay the bills. It was a mind numbing and creatively depressing time. He still dipped his toes back into the film industry with hopes of a break but this never came.

He was offered a job working as a roofer for his brothers roofing firm, in his time there he assisted with his brothers marketing to find out he had a natural talent for it. He spent his spare time reading about marketing and advertising. He started to look for work as a marketer but without direct experience it was hopeless, until he saw a job for a video marketer at a digital marketing agency. After landing the job at this agency, the Creative Outlaw set to work building a portfolio of videos for a range of different businesses.

While working here he further expanded his knowledge of video production and started to learn about the world of digital marketing.

When video work was quiet, he would use his other skills to create campaign ideas for businesses and worked on audience profiling for them. He found because of his varied background he could relate to a lot of the different businesses he worked with and this helped make the audiences more realistic.

Frustrations started to creep in working for this agency, there was a real lack of creativity with the organisation and it certainly limited the amount of work that could be produced. On top of that the financial pressure of working for a small agency took its toll, he thought if this agency could make it why couldn’t he, and so, Creative Outlaw Media was born.

The name Creative Outlaw Media came from the idea of being an outlaw from the agency he worked, just like the famous outlaws of the wild west or Robin Hood taking from the rich and giving to the poor. This was further infused with the idea of sub cultures of biker gangs, Hip Hop music, MMA dedication, tattoos, hard drinking, rough looking individuals. This branding was designed to stand out above every clone copy of a marketing agency that want to be Google. They all spouted the same waffle, looked the same and came from the same background.

Since leaving this agency, Creative Outlaw Media was no longer restricted and could become a heavyweight contender.

Creative Outlaw Media is years of frustration, working shit jobs, taking orders from managers above their station. It’s society pushing back and not giving people a helping hand. It’s years of having a dream for it to keep slipping away. It’s time for a change, a time to help people take things into their own hands. Creative Outlaw Media is here to help and make your business a success.

Rob Gibbs AKA The Creative Outlaw