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Audience Profiling

We use our best detective skills to find out who really is your target audience.

The question is who is your audience? You may already have a good understanding about who exactly your target market is.

You know this information based on the people who buy from you or visit the website, but why have they bought from you? How did they find you online? Will they buy from you again? This is why you need some audience profiling to find out who your audience really is.  

This is why Creative Outlaw Media put their best detective skills to the test, by researching and tracking down who really is your audience. 

In this Audience Profiling document we give you:

  • Audience personas which include age, name and gender
  • A back story with a why, and how, they decided to buy from you
  • We look at their goals and pain points
  • We look at the brands and the people that would influence them
  • Which social platforms they use
  • Which content they engage with
  • Which campaigns could work for them

With this information you will be able to tailor content, campaigns and ads to a target audience who will actually want to engage with you.