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What are the benefits of blogging? Having worked with some clients recently who have questioned the point of blogging. “My blog is not increasing conversions”, “What is the point of blogging?”, “People are not even reading my blog!” I’ve been there too, I’ve questioned whether to blog or not. Mainly thinking, “Do I actually have time to blog? Is there any point in blogging if I can’t do it properly?” Well, I had to rethink that one as the benefits of blogging vastly outweighs the reasons not to.

So if you have stopped blogging or you are unsure where to even start then here are a few reasons that you should:

#1 Google fucking loves it

Google searches your site for relevant information, which is in the form of keywords and links to reliable sources; internal and external. A blog can mean more SEO friendly content that Google can then contribute to your site.

#2 A few more cheeky keywords

Keywords and ranking for keywords is a blog all on it’s own, but blogs are a perfect chance to rank for more keywords, search terms and long tailed keywords. You may not be ranking for your desired keywords as you can’t go mad with  ‘keyword stuffing’ as Google doesn’t like it. So blogging is an opportunity to rank for keywords that you may not necessarily have thought of.

#3 It lets everyone know there is someone at home

A lot of businesses will build a website and that’s it job done. However, to Google, all they see is an inactive website, almost like a boarded up shop. Customers may peer in through the window but they don’t go in. By regularly uploading content to your site, Google knows that it’s still being used and kept in order.

#4 It gives you something to share out on social

People like some variety with their social media, so it’s good to mix it up a bit rather than just producing standard blogs. A lot of people will follow a business because of the content you put out so remember to share and recycle your blog content on your different social media platforms.

#5 I’ll you tell you something for free

Giving out free information is modern marketing 101. A lot of businesses are afraid of revealing all their secrets. It’s important to inform and educate your audience about the products or service you provide. Keep your audience up to date with the latest industry news, insider company information and little tips and tricks.

#6 More pages

Having a blog means adding more pages to your website, which is a good thing as Google sees your website as a powerhouse of information. Just remember to have your blog on your site and not as a subdomain.

#7 Making Links

Having blogs and other content on your site means it is a good opportunity to build links to other sites. Even having internal links to other pieces of content or other pages on your site via anchor text will help the old Google bots navigate your site better.

#8 Brand awareness

Blogs appear at the top of the marketing funnel, it’s designed to hook in your audience. This could be using searchable titles and keywords which will help you rank. If you have plenty of content on your site then people have more to read, which means more time spent on your site.

#9 Everyone is at it

Everyone has a blog nowadays and if you’re not blogging you can be damn sure your competitors are. If you’re not blogging people think you don’t have anything interesting to say and that just isn’t good for business.

#10 Creative Outlet

Now I’m not saying that it is, but, your business maybe a little boring, it may not be the type of business that many people find interesting. Having a blog is your chance to be creative, to release content that can be associated to your industry. If you aren’t feeling very inspired by your job then a blog can be a good source of creative expression.

So there you have it, a few good points fighting the corner of having a blog. So, yeah, people may not be reading your blog and no, you don’t have time to do it properly but remember to keep blogging on and promote the content as much as you can.

At Creative Outlaw Media we may not always have the time, as client work comes first but we do our best to put out interesting content that’s hopefully not dull as shit.

If you think differently let us know.

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