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There is a saying the customer is always right, no matter what. You make sure the customers has the best experience because this customer will come back for more and best of all will tell all their friends.

Well, I’m going to say something quite controversial here, I don’t think the customer is always right, in fact sometimes the customer can be a complete prick. This is speaking from experience from working in the customer service and within an agency. However, not all customers or clients are the same so this is not an excuse for poor customer service as without the client you wouldn’t have a business.

The customer or client is a funny one; as from my experiences they want to work with you or buy something from you, but 9 times out of 10, they actually don’t know what they want. They want all of this worked out for them and in exchange they want to pay you fuck all for your time.

So what is the answer? Well here are a few little tips I have found along the way.

#1 Set expectations

I have seen this time and time again from agencies, sales and even customers. The sales team is so desperate for the clients work they will promise the earth to please the customer to the point they can’t deliver anywhere near the end product they initially laid out.

Be up front and set expectations to your client. Be realistic with what is achievable, it’s better to surpass expectations rather than not achieve them.

#2 Find out what your customer wants

You might be lucky and have a client who knows exactly what you want and everything will be easy, however this is rare.

Using video production as an example, the client says they want a video. That’s it, they have no idea of the type, what they are hoping the video can achieve for them or the business.

Make sure you get a brief from the client and ask any questions that you may have. Get everything documented before starting any project, that way both you and your customers know where you stand.

#3 Be fair

You want the work and the chance to deliver a decent piece of work for your client because at the end of the day you are as good as your last job.

The client wants the best piece of work possible for the lowest, fairest price and this is where trouble ensues. The client thinks you are at their beck and call 24/7 and while working with them there will be a lot of back and forth until the client is completely happy, hence setting expectations.

Having said that, the client has a right to expect what you said you can deliver (well they are paying for it) and if you can’t deliver or end up leaving your client in the dark, it will lead to bad customer service which in return leads to poor feedback and a negative reputation.

Creative Outlaw Media, as an agency, works hand in hand with the client to deliver what they expect, if the client doesn’t know what they want, well we figure that out together. This is how, as a creative agency, we work; together with our clients every step of the way.  

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