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Is the humble flat cap the symbol of hard work? Let me explain, and no, this isn’t a fashion blog.

The flat cap was mainly associated with the working class and with northern England, but is now seen all over the world. The cap dates back to the 14th century and over the years it progressed from being a tradesman symbol to being adopted by the upper classes where it was then made from finer materials but predominantly tweed and wool.

I have always associated the cap with hard work. I come from a working class background and I’m proud of my working class roots. I have worked in all kinds of jobs from construction to working in film and I have always seen people wear flat

 caps that mean business. I’ve seen a plasterer turn up in a flat cap to do a day’s graft, I’ve seen directors and producers wearing flat caps on set as a status symbol, all with the intent of getting on with business.

Everyone has a symbol they associate with business and success, a Rolex watch for example, is a symbol of wealth, a


 nice suit means success. Associations change over the years as society progresses, tattoos for example are no longer associated w


ith sailors and criminals, even though some people will still believe this! Tattoos are now about creativity and individualism, most people especially within the creative sector has some sort of artwork.


The flat cap is no longer a working class symbol or even something associated with just the countryside and farmers. It’s workers, creative people, people who want something different.


Think of your business, what are the main things people associate with your brand? Have you integrated yourself within a culture or lifestyle?

Some things change and progress, some things are timeless but it’s what works for you and what you want to associate your business with.

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