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Just Some of The Projects We Grafted On

We have been hired to help several businesses; below is just some of the work we have produced using the disciplines of mixed marketing.


The owners of the recently refurbished Shepherd Neame pub, The Flying Horse in Smarden, wanted to grow their online presence.

The idea being that they would like to inform customers that the pub had been refurbished, they also wanted to attract new customers to the pub.

They wanted to grow their Facebook following and create an Instagram account in order to gain more customers.

Creative Outlaw Media grew their following from 150 to over 900 in just 2 weeks by running a competition which was boosted within a 25 mile radius reach.

We also spent 2 days at the pub taking as many pictures as possible to drip feed over the coming months to help grow their following on Instagram.

They needed a website improvement, we added new photos and re-wrote the on page content, rich in relevant keywords for the pub and restaurant sector.

They also need a website improvement, which we added new photos and re-wrote the on page content, rich in relevant keywords for the pub and restaurant sector.


Take a look at how we helped:

Client Feedback

Creative Outlaw Media have been incredible. They were experienced, efficient and extremely helpful.
The customer service we received was amazing, they also went above and beyond by giving us tips on how to attract more customers.
They more than tripled our followers on social media, their experienced photographers took incredible photos of our products and this has also helped to attract extra customers.
We couldn’t praise them highly enough.

Louisa Gibbs
Business Owner

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Coleman Construction

Steve, the owner of Coleman Construction, wanted a way to document and share examples of the different projects he had worked on.

He didn’t want a website but was interested in creating a Facebook page, Creative Outlaw Media did just that.

We set up a brand new page for Coleman Construction and encouraged Steve to take as many pictures as possible to add content on his page.

Next, we are looking to create some ads to grow the pages following and to get the companies name out there.

Since setting up the page Coleman Construction have had requests for quotes for a range of different construction projects.


Take a look how the Outlaws helped:

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Medusa Tattoo

This tattoo studio is an all female run studio, that boasts a relaxing and non threatening environment for female and male customers alike.

They have been looking to create some video content for social media and for the shops website to encourage people to visit the shop and to see their work.

Creative Outlaw Media was happy to take up the challenge, we sat down for a consultation with Emma the owner.

Emma went through everything she wanted in the video, we met the other artists and we asked them about their tattoo style.

On the day of filming there were plenty of customers visiting the shop, who were happy to be filmed. We tried to capture as much as possible in a days filming, to really show off the talent of the artists.

Once we had finished the video, we worked on a social media strategy to really get the full impact of the video.

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St Christopher’s School

St Christopher’s is a private primary school in Canterbury. They reached out to Creative Outlaw Media because they wanted a new way to advertise and inform new prospective parents. In the past they sent out glossy brochures to show off the school and encourage parents and pupils.

They asked for a video to really capture the atmosphere of the school, so parents could get a better understanding.

Creative Outlaw Media was hired to create this video and after a couple of meetings to go over the brief, we created an action plan of how we were going to film within the school.  

We filmed it in a day, going from classroom to classroom and interviewing the teaching staff when they had 5 minutes free.

The end result was exactly what they wanted, this was then put onto a DVD to be sent out to new and existing parents.

They have had an increase of prospective interest in the school since the DVD’s were sent out.  

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TDM Recruitment

This recruitment agency based in Faversham specialises in the property sector.

They approached Creative Outlaw Media to put a creative pitch together based on their brief. We went in for a meeting to discuss the pitch with Tom the CEO, Louise head of HR and Chris the head of marketing.

They wanted a video to promote their training academy for graduates and people looking to work within the recruitment industry.

TDM were happy with the pitch and decided to go ahead with Creative Outlaw Media.

Before filming could begin we wrote an outline of the script for them to tweak into their own words, we also helped organise with preparing the office for filming.

After a couple of changes to the brief, we planned our days filming.

Filming went very smoothly, everybody was prepared and knew what they needed to say, we collected as many varied shots as possible to get a real feel for the company.

The video has now been uploaded to the TDM recruitment page.    

Client Feedback

Upon engaging with Rob, he took the time to come both into our offices to survey the area in which we wanted to film and to gather a brief from us, and then again took the time to meet us off-site after hours when we wanted to re-jig our brief and start again. He was contactable and open at all times and contributed great ideas to our brief when we got stuck and couldn’t see a way forward. The concepts that he came up with offered us an alternative to the types of videos that we had been basing our ideals upon, and directed us in thinking outside the box with our film brief.

Rob impressed us with writing the script and taking the stress out of creating the bones of the script, to give us a starting ground to build our ideas around. When filming day came around he was friendly to everyone in the office and was happy to travel to different locations to film. Throughout the process he has been approachable and easy to chat with at all hours, putting us at ease when we didn’t understand technical terms, so thank you for your help on the project and for delivering a finished product that we are happy with (and for putting up with our extremely fussy editing!). The finished video was sent over within suitable timescales and we have been able to display our product for it’s intended audience to see, in the timescales that we desired.

Thanks Rob!

Louise Plummer

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Zombie Monkey Tattoo

Lee at Zombie Monkey Tattoo was looking to make a video that showed the friendly atmosphere at the shop. He wanted to show off the tattooists, their work and the shop itself.

There was a lot of competition in the area and they had just set up a new shop, so they were looking for a way to stand out.

Creative Outlaw Media was happy to help with this project, first we visited the shop to get an idea of what shots would work best. After talking to Lee about his brief we put together an action plan of what we both wanted to achieve with the video.

On the day of filming, Lee had a number of different customers in who were happy to be filmed being tattooed.

Once the video was signed off, we uploaded it to YouTube which was then embedded onto his website. Since then he has hired 2 more tattoo artists to keep up with the demand of work.  

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