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How To Find Inspiration

We have all been there, staring at a blank screen, hoping that inspiration strikes. Trying to muster up the creativity for that amazing blog or a campaign that attracts so much attention.

It has nothing to do with whether you are creative or not, as long as you have enough inspiration you can find a creative solution to the creative problem.

As Steve Jobs said ‘it’s all about connecting the dots, joining together unrelated or separate ideas to form a new one’.

So what is the best way to find inspiration? You need to fill your subconscious, the place you store useful and not so relevant information. This is your ‘well of inspiration’ to tap into when you need creativity.  

Here are a few things you can do to fill that ‘inspiration well’:

#1 Do Fuck All

The first thing you should do to find inspiration is nothing. Procrastinate. Do anything else except for the task in hand. Take your focus away from the job you’re meant to do and this will allow you to free your mind and in turn, absorb more information like a sponge.   

#2 Research

If you have to write about a subject you’re not too familiar with, it’s worth reading up on it. Read blogs, pieces of content, understanding it as much as possible, because, once you do, it will be easier to simplify it in your head and then you will begin to make creative connections.

#3 Stick The Telly On

Films, TV shows, documentaries are some of the best types of medium to spark the imagination, films are a hub of creativity. You can learn so much from this format, it engages your eyes, ears, mind and emotions. The story telling element and the ideas in it can trigger your own creative spark. So, why not binge watch some Netflix or stick on an old classic?

#4 Turn Up The Tunes

Music has a powerful emotional effect on people. It can stir memories of the past. Different types of music makes us feel different things. It can either change our mood or enhance it. We connect music to thoughts and feelings, allowing us to day dream. It works as a distraction to the outside world and it allows you to let your mind wander. Listening to music lets your creativity fly.   

#5 Jog On

Exercising such as running or walking is a good way to clear your mind, to get rid of unwanted distractions making it easier to think. Exercise, especially aerobic and cardiovascular actually stimulate and encourage the growth of new brain cells which is linked to creativity. Being outside is even better as you can see things that may trigger a thought or set you down a path of creative thinking. Steve Jobs was a fan of walking to get his creative juices flowing.  

#6 What Is Everyone Else Doing?

What are your competition or other brands up to? Now i’m not saying steal or copy anyone else’s style but to take inspiration from it. What are they doing better than you? What would you do to improve what they are doing? It’s a good starting point when trying to think of new ideas.

#7 Get Lost On The Web

We’ve all been there, you have a very important task to do, time is against you but before you start you just check social media, which leads you on to YouTube, which leads you on to a blog and then your doing a quiz to find out what type of dog you would be which then leads you on to buy stuff for said dog on Ebay. Before you know it 6 hours have gone by and you have done nothing, except, once again you are filling your subconscious full of potential ideas.  

#8 Have A Drink Or Two

Give your mates a bell and see if they fancy a pint. There are a few things in play here, one: the conversation, the laughs and the catching up could stimulate ideas. Two: a change of location, with new things to look at, new distractions but maybe the most important thing is Three: the alcohol. Studies into alcohol and creative thinking have shown it can help tap into the subconscious to find the creative solution to your problem, and even if it doesn’t, it’s fun trying!

#9 Be A Joystick Waggler

Playing computer games can help with creative thinking, it is the modern equivalent of the crossword puzzle. Computer games are full of puzzles and problems to overcome, you have to use lateral thinking to find a solution. This is the key to creativity, creativity is just another form of problem solving.    

#10 Put Your Thoughts On Paper

Sleep is important and there is nothing worse than having an idea in your head all night, going over and over it. The best way to stop thinking about it is to write it down, this allows you to free up your mind to think of other ideas. Sometimes you may find it difficult to form the idea in your head, mind mapping is another technique in which you can structure your thinking and help you unearth new ideas.

I hope some of these tips have in turn sparked some sort of imagination into your own creative thinking. Here at Creative Outlaw Media we encourage our Outlaws to do as many of these things as possible to create the best ideas for our clients. Find out for yourself and check out our work and what we can do to help you.

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