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Video Heavy Hitters

Video Production Services

Video has the power to a make an emotional connection

What The Creative Outlaws can do for you: 

Your Story 

A video all about your business or brand, a video that tells the story of you. These types of videos are perfect for Facebook, your website and to raise brand awareness. 

Product or Service Video 

These videos build brand trust with your consumers, making a video to show your audience exactly what you can can provide for them.


A video straight from the horses mouth, well your customers. Having your clients or customers speaking highly of you on camera builds brand trust and loyalty.  

How to 

How to do this and how to do that videos help build traffic and sets you up as an expert in your industry.

Video hits hard and Creative Outlaw Media video delivers a knockout blow. The Creative Outlaw is a film buff, highly trained in the skills of video production, this means The Outlaw knows the true power of video as an art form and how to best structure video content properly for maximum impact to grab your audience’s attention.

We start with a strong hook to catch your audience off guard, we use emotions to sucker punch them, this is then followed by combos to keep them on the ropes with an ending that floors them.

We can use these videos to strategically and precisely throw the right punches to hit your audiences in the right spots.

You need to tell your story and the place to do it is on video, tell us; Why you do what you do? What do you have to offer to the rest of the world? Why should they care? Who do you do business with? Do you have anything interesting to say?

We at Creative Outlaw Media are a horde of video vikings, we plan, we plot, turn up and get the job done!

So whether it’s a video about you or your business; a video about your product or a service you provide; how to do this and how to do that; your customers bigging you up or just a video that makes people say that was bloody awesome! Then Creative Outlaw Media’s Video Production is the one for you. We’re with you every stage of the way from the first genius idea right through to your audience watching it.